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The Aquatic Habitat is Gloucestershire's largest aquatic store. Renowned as one of the UK's finest aquatic retailers.
Established in 1973, this is our fortieth year of providing top quality fish plants and equipment to fish keepers; not just in Gloucestershire, but throughout the UK.
We aim to cover all aspects of the aquatic hobby, with wide selections of tropical, coldwater and marine fish, pond and aquarium plants, plus a massive range of equipment.

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Tropical Fish
Tropical Fish
Aquarium Plants
Aquarium Equipment

Marine Fish
Marine Fish
Marine Invertebrates
Marine Equipment
Finding Nemo

Coldwater Fish
Common Goldfish
Fancy Goldfish
Other Coldwater Fish
Planted Aquariums
CO2 dosing including Dennerle
Aquarium Plants including Tropica

Eheim, Juwel, RedSea Specialist Marine Tanks
BiOrbs, BiUbes & BiOrb Life

Aquarium Equipment

Pond Plants including water lilies.
Pond Equipment

Pond Fish
Other Pond Fish

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