Tetra Wafer Mix

Tetra Wafer Mix is a comprehensive blend of food with optimal nutrition in a mix of sinking herbivore and omnivore wafers that will meet all nutritional needs for all different species of bottom feeders. Enriched with vegetable protein and spirulina algae making it easily palatable and easily digested, the wafer will soften allowing the fish to slowly graze on the food over a period of time. We recommend to feed your fish once to twice a week. Only feed 1 wafer per 2-3 fish and at a time that you can watch your fish feeding. Most bottom feeding fish are nocturnal which means they are more active at night, ideally feed these late in the day or in the evening. Pop into our shop to ask us more on how a varied diet will benifit your fish and why its important. Store pot in a cool dry place and keep the inside moisture free.