Tetra Min Flakes

Tetra min flakes is a complete balanced flake food for all species of tropical fish. With a mixture of 7 different varitites of flake food providing a complete diet for everyday feeding. Tetra min flakes also promotes a healthy immune system with a BioActive formular to support optimal health and a long life. Suitable for all tropical fish as the flakes can be absorbed both on the water surface and when it sinks. Tetra min flakes are a ideal starter food for any fishkeeper including new beginners. Do not over feed and remove any excess food with a net. We recommend to fish your fish once to twice a day, at a time you can watch your fish feed. Only feed 1-2 flakes per fish and if they are smaller fish , crush the flakes up smaller. Pop into our shop to ask us more on how a varied diet will benifit your fish and why its important. Store pot in a cool dry place and keep the inside moisture free.