Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan

Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan consists of premium blend of vegetables proteins to encourage heathly growth and development and is specifically designed for fancy goldfish such as Orandas, Fantails, Black Moors, Lionheads,Telescopes, Pearlscales, Bubble-eye and Ryukins. Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan is a pellet food designed to sink fast to the bottom which will reduce intestinal problems commonally associated with all Exotic fancy goldfish. This means that they will reduce the amount of air being gulped in, if feeding with a surface food. We recommend to fish your fish once to twice a day, at a time you can watch your fish feed. Only feed 1-2 pellets per fish and at a time that you can watch your fish feeding. Pop into our shop to ask us more on how a varied diet will benifit your fish and why its important. Store pot in a cool dry place and keep the inside moisture free.