NtLabs Shrimp Enhancer

NtLabs Shrimp Enhancer is a high protein premium food for most shrimp. With a nutritious blend of animal and plant proteins, multi-vitamin , stabilised vitamin C, magnesium and calcium mix which will assist in their exoskeleton and moulting, it also provides supplementary nutrition for their specific requirements. Being a small granule shrimp food it is highly digestable producing less waste and will not cloud the water. Do not over feed and remove any excess food with a net. We recommend to feed your shrimp once to twice a week, at a time you can watch your fish feed. Only feed 1-2 granules per shrimp. Pop into our shop to ask us more on how a varied diet will benifit your shrimp and why its important. Store pot in a cool dry place and keep the inside moisture free.