Ponds & Equipment

A water feature of some description should be the focal point of every garden. There is something almost hypnotic about sitting next to a pool of gently flowing water. Here, at The Aquatic Habitat, you will find everything you need to create your very own water feature.

Ponds & Liners

There are two main ways of constructing a pond, rigid “preformed” ponds, or flexible pond liners. There are advantages and disadvantages with both. We offer a free delivery service on all ponds to any address within a 20 mile radius of our shop and an extensive range of equipment to help you achieve truly luxuriant plant growth.

Pond Pumps

We stock a wide range of pumps from several manufacturers, including Oase, Blagdon & Pontec. From a small fountain to a gushing waterfall, we’re sure to have a pump to meet your needs.

Pond Filters

Keep your pond water pristine with our selection of high-quality filters. A clean pond is a healthy pond.

Wildlife Ponds

A wildlife pond can be an attractive, fascinating & educational addition to your garden. Garden ponds are increasingly the last refuges for some of the UK’s most fascinating animals. creating a wildlife pond, will not only enhance your garden, you’ll be helping to ensure the survival of some of our most endangered species.