“It’s only a goldfish” is a phrase we hear too often. Perhaps because they live in “cold water”; and because they are thought of as a fish that will happily live in a bowl…

Goldfish and other coldwater fish are as specific in their needs as tropical fish are. True, it is generally not necessary to heat their water, but a filter is as important for coldwater fish as for tropicals. Although a few people do manage to keep goldfish alive for a reasonable period of time in an unfiltered bowl, the great majority who attempt this meet with failure and disappointment.

For this reason, we are supporting the “Practical Fishkeeping Magazine” “Save our Goldfish” campaign, which means we won’t sell goldfish for any unfiltered aquarium, or any tank under 25 litres in volume (although we recommend a minimum of 100 litres as a long term home)For those people determined to keep a small tank or bowl of fish, there are other fish far better suited to this confined environment. In particular, we recommend “White Cloud Mountain Minnows”. These small, attractively coloured fish originate from China, they are ideally suited to an unheated indoor aquarium, but will not survive outdoors in the UK.

We have about 30 aquariums dedicated to coldwater aquarium fish. Stocks range from ordinary goldfish to many of the more unusual varieties such as moors, orandas, fantails, lionheads, etc.. We also aim to keep a good selection of the more unusual species of coldwater fish, such as White Clouds, Paradise Fish, Rosy Minnows and others.

Our selection of Coldwater fish can vary considerably depending on availability, so if you are making a special trip for something in particular, please phone to check what we have in stock. Whatever the stock levels, you can be confident of the quality of our fish. All new coldwater fish are quarantined for a minimum of seven days, but usually far longer than this. You can see exactly when they arrived from the date which we display on the label.