Tropical Fish

Tropical fish keeping is an immensely popular hobby, not least because of the huge variety of fish that are available.

Here at The Aquatic Habitat we pride ourselves on the range and quality of fish we stock. Whether you are just starting out in this wonderful hobby or are a seasoned hobbyist we are sure you will find plenty to interest and excite you in our tanks.

We have over 100 freshwater aquariums, each of at least 75 litres capacity. These are backed up by a large number of quarantine tanks, which enable us to ensure that our sale tanks are fully stocked with healthy fish at all times.

Most sales tanks contain at least three or four varieties of fish, all clearly labelled with computer generated labels, which as well as the common name and price of the fish, include further information such as scientific name, date of arrival to our premises, approximate maximum size, plus other information on compatibility and natural country of origin.

We have introduced new and improved labels, which also feature a number of easily read icons, giving a quick and easy visual guide as to the ease of care, compatibility and other general requirements for the fish concerned.

Fish stocks vary so please visit us to see our current available stock.



Barbs are a lively addition to any aquarium, known for their vibrant colours and social nature. Ideal for community tanks, they thrive in well-maintained water conditions. With Barbs, you’re not just getting a fish; you’re adding a burst of life and colour to your aquatic world.



Tetras are the jewels of the aquarium hobby, celebrated for their iridescent scales and peaceful temperament. These small but striking fish are perfect for aquarists looking to add a splash of brilliance to their tanks. They’re easy to care for, making them a favourite among both beginners and experts.



Danios are the epitome of hardiness and adaptability, making them perfect for those new to fishkeeping. Their playful swimming patterns and schooling nature provide endless entertainment. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet captivating species, Danios are the way to go.



Rasporas are small, schooling fish that bring a sense of harmony to your aquarium. Known for their peaceful nature, they are an excellent choice for community setups. Their subtle beauty becomes more apparent the longer you observe them, making Rasporas a rewarding choice for any hobbyist.


Bottom Feeders

Bottom Feeders are the unsung heroes of a well-balanced aquarium, helping to keep the substrate clean. Species like Corydoras and Plecos are not only functional but also fascinating to watch. They add a new dimension to your tank, making it a more diverse and balanced ecosystem.


Gouramis & Fighters

Gouramis and Fighters are for those who appreciate the art of fishkeeping. With their intricate patterns and unique behaviours, they are a centrepiece in any aquarium. While Fighters are known for their territorial nature, Gouramis are generally more peaceful, offering a balanced dynamic in a diverse tank.


Cichlids & Dwarf Cichlids

Cichlids offer a range of colours and behaviours that are unmatched in the aquatic world. From the personable Dwarf Cichlids to the larger, more assertive species, these fish are a study in diversity. They are perfect for aquarists looking to take their hobby to the next level.


Angels & Discus

Angels and Discus are the aristocrats of the aquarium world, known for their majestic appearance and demanding care requirements. These are fish that make a statement, and they require an aquarist willing to meet their needs for pristine water and a well-structured environment.


Guppies, Platies, Swordtail & Molly

These livebearers are the perfect starting point for anyone new to the hobby. Guppies, Platies, Swordtails, and Mollies are hardy, colourful, and incredibly easy to care for. They are the ideal choice for introducing the joys of fishkeeping to the whole family.

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