Pond Fish

A pond is incomplete without fish in it. Fish add the extra dimension of movement to the pool & help control mosquitoes and other insects.

Here at The Aquatic Habitat we stock a wide range of pondfish, and if you don’t want goldfish there are plenty of others to choose from. As a general guide, we suggest a stocking level of 80cm of fish per square metre of pond area. Remember to allow for the ultimate size of the fish when calculating this.


As well as the standard “gold” goldfish, over the years breeders have developed a number of different goldfish varieties, these include Canary – yellow, Sarasa – red or red & white, Shubunkin – multicoloured. Other varieties such as wakins (goldfish with a double tail) are also suitable, but we do not recommend keeping the more fancy round bodied goldfish such as moors, orandas or fantails in an outdoor pond.


Originally developed in the paddy fields of Japan. These beautiful fish are now bred in many countries throughout the world. Growing to, in some cases, over 3′ long, and living for over 50 years. A large, well patterned koi can be a stunning sight. Most people have heard stories about how expensive koi are, and it is certainly true that a few remarkable specimens have changed hands for tens of thousands of pounds. The truth is that these fish are in the minority. The vast majority of koi that we sell cost less than £50, with prices starting at under £10.


Available in green & golden forms, these bottom dwelling fish are reputed to be good at keeping a pond clean, but in practice, although they will scavenge some uneaten food, they are certainly not a necessity. Tench can grow large and are therefore unsuited to very small ponds.


Most commonly available as Golden Orfe, a bright orangey yellow fish, but other colour varieties (e.g. blue) are available. These large, shoaling fish are not suitable for small ponds, as they require well oxygenated water, but make a splendid addition to well oxygenated medium & large ponds.

Golden Rudd

Rudd do not grow quite as large as orfe, but like orfe they require a well oxygenated pond. The most common colour variety for ornamental ponds is the golden rudd. Golden rudd are a much darker golden brown colour than golden orfe. Silver rudd are also sometimes available.

Sarasa Comet

The Sarasa Comet is a stunning variety of goldfish, known for its vibrant red-and-white colouration. These fish are not just eye-catching but also incredibly hardy, making them a great choice for outdoor ponds or large aquariums. If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your aquatic space, the Sarasa Comet is a must-have.

Canary Goldfish

Canary Goldfish are the epitome of grace and beauty in the goldfish world. With their bright yellow hues and flowing fins, they bring a sense of tranquillity to any aquatic setting. These fish are relatively easy to care for, making them perfect for both novice and experienced aquarists who want a splash of colour in their tanks.


Shubunkins are the “calico artists” of the aquatic realm, boasting a mesmerising mix of colours and patterns. These hardy fish are well-suited for ponds and larger aquariums, where their vibrant appearance can truly shine. If you’re looking for a fish that combines resilience with aesthetic appeal, Shubunkins are the perfect choice.

Sterlet & Sturgeon

We do not stock or recommend these fish for ornamental ponds. They grow very large and require cool, fast flowing, highly oxygenated water. Their unusual scales make them very prone to entanglement in blanket weed.


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