Tropical Fish, Coldwater Fish, Pond Fish & More

Discover the underwater world right in your living space with our extensive range of fish. From the vibrant hues of tropical fish to the serene beauty of coldwater species, we’ve got something for every aquarist.

the aquatic habitat fish
the aquatic habitat tropical fish

Tropical Fish

Tropical fish keeping is an immensely popular hobby, not least because of the huge variety of fish that are available.

the aquatic habitat coldwater fish

Coldwater Fish

Fish for unheated aquariums, not just goldfish, we stock a good selection including smaller species such as White Cloud Mountain Minnows.

the aquatic habitat pond fish

Pond Fish

A pond is incomplete without fish in it. Fish add the extra dimension of movement to the pool & help control mosquitoes and other insects.

the aquatic habitat choosing your fish

Choosing Your Fish

With so many fish to choose from knowing which ones are compatible and will be suitable for your tank can be daunting, fortunately, we’re here to help.