We stock a wide range of attractive aquariums to meet almost every need, including tanks from Juwel, Ciano and Interpet. Smaller aquariums are usually available from stock, whilst larger tanks and bases can usually be ordered within days. If you are making a special journey, please phone to confirm availability.

Juwel Aquariums

Manufactured in Germany, each Juwel aquarium comes equipped with a unique integral filter that incorporates a heater-thermostat for optimal functionality. Additionally, all Juwel aquariums now feature energy-efficient LED lighting*, providing an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for illuminating your aquatic environment.

Ciano Aquariums

For those seeking a competitively priced option without compromising on style, Ciano aquariums are an excellent choice. Offering a perfect blend of affordability and aesthetics, these tanks are likely to be highly popular. Ciano aquariums are available in Black and White finishes and come in various sizes with LED lighting.

Interpet Aquariums

Interpet offers a range of modern and competitively priced aquariums suitable for various needs. With Insight LED and Aquaverse Vision LED aquariums, you can enjoy sleek designs, LED lighting, and touch-sensitive switches. Each tank is supplied complete with a heater and filter.

Other Aquariums

Clearseal offers basic all-glass aquariums with plastic covers, ideal for breeding, quarantine, or as starter tanks. We recommend adding a filter before introducing fish for optimal conditions.