Tropical Introduction

Tropical fish keeping is an immensely popular hobby, not least because of the huge variety of fish that are available. Here at the Aquatic Habitat we pride ourselves on the range and quality of fish we stock. Whether you are just starting out in this wonderful hobby or are a seasoned hobbist we are sure you will find plenty to interest and excite you in our tanks. We have nearly 80 tropical aquariums, each of at least 20 gallons capacity. These are backed up by over 60 quarentine tanks, which enable us to ensure that our display tanks are fully stocked with healthy fish at all times. Most display tanks contain at least three or four varieties of fish, all clearly labeled with computer generated labels, which as well as the common name and price of the fish, include further information such as scientific name, date of arrival to our premises, approximate maximum size, plus other information on compatability and natural country of origin. Most also have a colour photograph of the fish in question, to aid identification. We have recently introduced new improved labels, which also feature a number of easily read icons, giving a quick and easy visual guide as to the ease of care, compatability and other general requirements for the fish concerned.

All our staff are keen and experienced fishkeepers, many are graduates of Sparsholt College and all are keen to share their experience and advice. Our range of equipment is extensive but for the beginner we also offer aquarium packages which contain everything that is required to start of on the right foot in this facinating hobby.When you buy an aquarium from us, we give you a discount card which gives you 5% discount off all purchases and is valid for a whole 12 months.



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